Why Us for Roof Restoration Adelaide?

When it comes to roof restoration, Adelaide homeowners need to choose carefully among the options available for an adorable and durable roof makeover. Roof repair extends the life of your roof for many decades –only if the right professionals do it. Although roofing companies may use varied methodology in restoring roofs, do not be deceived that all of them will work perfectly. There is absolutely no need for you to spend a lot of money only to end up with a damaged roof a few years down the line.

Klemzic before roof restorations adelaideKlemzic after roof restoration Adelaide by ARRR

As one of the longest serving roof renovators in Adelaide, All Round Roof Restorations has played a phenomenal role in the modern roofing techniques. We have introduced lasting solutions to the market and analyzed every region in the country to determine the best roofs that can cope with the harsh climate. Benefits of getting the services our qualified roof restoration technicians include;

100% Genuine Roofing Material

If you have ever experienced the effects of counterfeit roofing products, you are aware of the value that we add to your home by installing genuine products. Your home is a major investment, and the way you take care of it will determine its returns. We have teamed up with suppliers and manufacturers of 100% genuine roofing products to give our Adelaide roofing clients the best experience ever.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Everyone wants to reduce their energy consumption costs but as most homeowners have found out, it is one of the most difficult things to achieve. Our Adelaide roof restoration team use quality roofs to reduce heat from building up, and ensure lower interior temperatures. As a result, it reduces cooling requirements hence cut down on energy costs. It also reduces strain on your existing HVAC equipment.

Affordable Prices

We love working with our clients budget since we believe a successful project is one in which both the client and service provider are happy. We always deal directly with product manufacturers to get the lowest prices and help our customers to save more. Our technicians also strive to ensure that you get quality roof repairs at affordable costs.

Extended Roof Life

We apply industrially approved coatings that not only look good but also stop UV rays from accelerating degradation of the roof. Additionally, it helps lower roof temperatures thus eliminating chances of heat building up in the house. We guarantee you that the roofs will stay for a long time even with minimal maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Adelaide roofing experts care about the environment, and this is depicted by our emphasis on using eco-friendly materials. We install quality roofs that maintain a cool temperature even in the warmest climate hence saving energy that could have been used in cooling the house. Apart from saving on fossil fuels by reducing cooling needs, we apply water-based coatings that have very low VOC’s. The roofs also reduce the ‘heat island’ effect and air pollution.

We Care About You and Your Home

Whenever we get a call for roof restoration Adelaide services, our experts visit your home and conduct a thorough analysis. We note down all the problematic parts and prepare a solution that will cater for all of them. Afterwards, we conduct full repairs and apply preventive measures in areas that are prone to damage.

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