Quality Metal Roof Restorations, Repairs & Installations

Is your metal roof losing its color and appeal? Is its water protection capability compromised? Well, our roof restoration Adelaide contractors have all it takes to give it a completely new look and improved functionality. We work with all kinds of metal roofs to deliver some of the best eye-catching designs capable of withstanding adverse conditions. As metal roofing becomes more popular in Australia, we want our clients to enjoy the full functionalities that it has to offer. Consequently, we are available for quality roof installations, restoration and repairs. We will be more than happy to replace your old and weathered roof with a modern metal roofing.


We use superior roofing materials that are made from corrugated metal and bonded with a special paint finish to create a beautiful look as well improve ability to resist corrosion. If you need your old metal or tile roof replaced with a new one, feel free to get in touch with our qualified Adelaide roofing contractors, who will ensure that you get the finest quality with improved roof insulation. Depending on the size of your home or office building, our specialized installers take less than a week to complete the installation. We are masters of the trade; every aspect of the job from surveying to renovations will be conducted professionally. We also have additional packages that include fascia covers, roof seals and gutter cleaning.


If your metal roof has rusty screws, moss or fungus growth, faded paint, rusted gutters, and holes or gaps, you need to have it restored immediately. Since it is difficult to check for these signs on your own, always call our skilled roof renovation Adelaide contractors to report of any signs of leakages on the ceilings or rot on woodwork near the gutters. Consequently, you can opt for our inexpensive roof maintenance package for regular checks and elimination of any unforeseen dangers. No matter the size of your premises, our specialists use high quality equipment to detect any damages before working out the best maintenance solution.


Metal roof restoration is a complex process that needs extra care. As experienced professionals on this front, we are capable of restoring or renovating your roof despite its height or steepness. When we visit your premises, we always conduct advanced inspections to determine if the roof sheets and lashings are secured properly. If they are in a poor condition, we will replace them. Afterwards, we carefully clean it to remove and rust. Cleaning also helps us locate areas that are leaking.


After thorough cleaning, our Adelaide roofing experts treat rust to make your roof watertight. Our modern metal roof restoration and rust treatment methods are effective and strengthen the surface for proper roof insulation. Consequently, we apply a membrane and a primer coating. These membranes are available in different colors according to your liking. Get in touch for great services at affordable prices!